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ATA 2 Space Rack $154.95
ATA 3 Space Rack $189.95
ATA 4 Space Rack $209.95
ATA 6 Space Rack $219.95
ATA 8 Space Rack $229.95
ATA 10 Space Rack $239.95
ATA 12 Space Rack $249.95


Strong, lightweight, durable, stackable, and now better than ever. With an even deeper, 18.5" rack depth, front and rear rails, more comfortable handles and new, lockable, field replaceable latches, the new SKB design makes these popular cases even cooler. The addition of the rear rail effectively doubles the carrying capacity of the case for shallow effects gear. These cases are made of military grade polyethylene, an extremely rugged material that can withstand years of the most abusive treatment on the road. SKB's unique gasket-seal keeps out moisture and dirt for further protection of amps & other valuable rack gear. Mounting hardware included.

SKB is a case company dedicated to the musician and pro audio customer with a full line of product, answering all their transportation and case needs. The equipment is built to the highest standards with an idea towards giving years and years of continual service. SKB backs up this product with a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials to the original purchaser.

As a corporate policy, SKB continues to update and upgrade the product to take into effect the latest in technology and style changes.


SKB products are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship while in possession of the original owner.

SKB will repair or replace any product found to be defective. Damages due to accident, improper care, negligence or normal wear, where SKB is not at fault, will be repaired for a reasonable charge.