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                Please read the important ordering information below.


Due to Fraud our ordering system will only allow you to put a deposit down on a new order.  If it charges any shipping on the deposit, that will be applied to the deposit as well.    Pay deposit and then the  balance is due prior to final assembly, we will contact you when we are getting close to assembly. Approximate delivery  time is 1-2 months for Mica guitars and 3-6 months for Lacquer guitars.  Please provide contact and order information to sales@mullenguitars.com after placing an order.

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Thank You for choosing Mullen Guitars.
ROYAL PRECISION PRICING******   G2 Pricing Below!

Click here for guitar pictures

        SD-10 Double Frame With Pad Mica Finish
                              3 Pedals      4 Knee Levers -----------------------------

        D-10 Double Mica Finish
                              8 Pedals      4 Knee Levers -----------------------------

        SD-12 Double Frame With Pad Mica Finish
                              3 Pedals      4 Knee Levers -----------------------------
        SD-12 Universal With Pad Mica Finish
                              7 Pedals      4 Knee Levers -----------------------------
        D-12 Mica Finish           Special order only
                              8 Pedals      4 Knee Levers -----------------------------
        Extra Knee Levers      (Up to 9)   ---------------------------------------   140.00  
       9th and 10th Knee Levers ------------------------------------------------   203.00  
        Staggered Knee Levers ---------------------------------------------------   235.00  
        Extra Pedals   (up to 9) ----------------------------------------------------   140.00  
        Tone Control & Defeat Switch ------------------------------------------     62.00  
        Custom Length Legs -------------------------------------------------------    55.00  
Lacquer Finishes --- (Red, Blue, Walnut, Natural, Black, and many more) So many Custom Options

Add $950

Mica Finishes ---  Click Here for choices

Additonal options on new orders:
Pearl inlay in Mica guitars- $125
Split Cases- $185
Add Polishing to Pedals and Knees- $10
All Polished Pedal bar or Neck tops- $50 ea


Deposits are non-refundable!

S-10 Double Frame With Pad Mica Finish --------------------- $3,995.00     

3 Pedals        5 Knee levers
D-10 Double Mica Finish ----------------------------- $5,095.00     

8 Pedals        5 Knee levers
S-12 Double Frame With Pad Universal Mica Finish --------$4,844.00        
7 Pedals   5 Knee Levers
S-12 Double Frame With Pad Extended E-9th Mica---------$4,305.00          
3 Pedals and 5 Knees

*****Lacquer Finish Add $950.00*****


Click For Some Mica Sample Pictures 

All Guitar Sales are Final and no refunds will be issued.

You may contact us at 970-664-2518