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DIXIE Mullen

Mullen Pedal Steel Guitars are built completely from start to finish at
the Mullen factory. We do not just assemble guitars using parts and
components supplied from other sources. We build from ground up.

Shaun Mantey
Routering on guitar bodies.
  Del and Shaun.
What do you reckon this thing is for,
Mike Mantey machining parts on the
CNC milling machine.
  Shaun gluing guitar bodies together.
Mike assembling a guitar   Bodies and Pedal Bar Run
Dixie sewing Leg Bags.   Pedal Bars
Dixie building Mullen steel guitar pickups.  

Batch of Bodies

Dixie machining parts.   Fronts and Backs
A run of End Plates   Shaun's Station
Guitar Assembly Station   Shaun Hand Sanding Lacquer Necks
Such Care in Every Step John Wilson Inspecting and Assembling
Endplates waiting on bodies Stock of Parts for Assembly
John Wilson Threading Rods Our Race Car Sponsorship
Bodies Headed for Final Assembly A Big Finished Batch